Custom Cabin Scentz

Cathie, Owner The Trendy Things Cottage

The Trendy Things Cottage (we create the jars) and Cameron’s Candles (we make the candles)  has teamed up to offer our customers custom ordering for our Cabin Scentz with wood wicks. The crackling of the wicks makes these candles an awesome candle jar to use wherever you want to add a rustic ambiance. 

Go to the links here to read about our soy candle wax and wood wick information.  

Donna, Owner Cameron’s Candles

Whether your taste is rustic, chic, blingy or simple, we can create a jar and candle to fit your decor. All of our jars can be ordered in a customized quantity as well.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you with pricing and to talk about your request. 

  • For locals only: orders require full payment upon pick up.
  • For out of state: custom orders will be invoiced thru PayPal and will include tax (for Wisconsin residents) and shipping. Orders must be paid in full. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay thru PayPal.

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We cannot guarantee that your requested scent is available. We will let you know when we contact you with pricing and options. GO HERE TO SEE WHAT OTHER SCENTS ARE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE SCENTS