Repurposed Jar Lights

sample ceiling light sample wall light sample desk lamp

We purchase a variety of lights and upcycle them with mason jars. These lights require a max LED bulb of 25-40watt. Use LED bulbs only. LED light bulbs need to be used for the protection of heat into the jar. LED bulbs last about 10+ years.

Our variety of wall and ceiling lights include rustic, industrial and contemporary. Lights will be listed below as we have them available. Custom requests are not available.

  • For locals only: send us a note and let us know what you would like (be sure and note the item#)….custom pick up orders require full payment and include tax. 
  • For out of area: custom orders will be invoiced through PayPal and will include tax (for Wisconsin residents) and shipping. Orders must be paid in full.
Black ceiling light
w/pint jar; approx 12″ long w/mounting hardware 

Silver wall light
w/quart jar; approx 16″ long without mounting hardware
Rustic brn ceiling light
w/qt jar; approx 60″ long w/mount hardware (adjustable)