Wood Signs

Our wood signs are made from a variety of wood types and have many different sayings, words, and pictures. Some are painted, some are stenciled, some have pyography, some have vinyl lettering. Whatever sign you choose for a gift or for yourself, you can find one to fit your decor or submit a custom request. They make great gifts for father’s or mother’s day, birthdays, Christmas etc. Contact us for custom requests.

Prices vary on custom orders depending on what you choose. We will contact you with pricing prior to sending your invoice. 

  • For locals only: send us a note and let us know what you would like (be sure and note the item#)….custom pick up orders require full payment and include tax. 
  • For out of area: custom orders will be invoiced through PayPal and will include tax (for Wisconsin residents) and shipping. Orders must be paid in full.
Take me to the beach sign 10.5×10
Be kind
live, love life
Be still and know that I am God 5.5×9
Cherish family memories forever 12.5×11
[wp_cart_button name=”cherish family memories #cfs01″ price=”16.00″
Home is where the heart is floating 7×9
[wp_cart_button name=”home is where the heart is floating 7×9 #hhf01″ price=”10.00
Wood & metal picture sign w/magnets 9×11
[wp_cart_button name=”wood & metal  sign w/magnets 9×11 #mm01″ price=”12.00″
Memories framed tin with magnets 18.5×6.5
[wp_cart_button name=”memories framed tin 18.5×6.5 #mpm01″ price=”12.00″
Wood & tin framed With God all things are possible
[wp_cart_button name=”wood & tin framed With God all possible #wgs01″ price=”16.00″ 
 Be the reason
[wp_cart_button name=”be the reason wood sign 14.75×9 #btrw01″ price=”18.00″ 
Go Blackhawks
12″ round
[wp_cart_button name=”go blackhawks round #blks01″ price=”18.00″
No place like home
[wp_cart_button name=”no place like home wood slats sign #nopl01″ price=”12.00″ 
Welcome to our porch
[wp_cart_button name=”welcome to our porch wood sign #ps01″ price=”10.00″ 
Our happy place
green blue distressed
[wp_cart_button name=”grn blue our happy place #sohp01″ price=”12.00″ 
Home is where our story begins – green blue distress – 16×4.5
[wp_cart_button name=”home is where our story begins #hsb01″ price=”12.00″